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Stef Espag’s passion can be summarized in two words:  “Healing Brokenness“.   God has called her to restore broken people, to proclaim the message of hope and freedom in Christ, and to equip the body of Christ with practical life tools and dynamical spiritual truths to set them free from bondage.


She has obtained a BTh.Dip, BA Hons (Practical Theology) and a Master’s degree (M.Phil.PPL) (Personal, Interpersonal, and Professional Leadership Development) at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


P1100924Stef, together with her husband Hennie, are both ordained pastors in full time ministry since 1985.   They both are passionate about the Lord and His Word, and regard the work and presence of the Holy Spirit very highly.  They believe that Jesus Christ has died in order to reconcile all people with God. All the wonderful blessings of God are obtained in only one way … by FAITH in Jesus Christ and by accepting what He has done for us on the cross.  Everything belongs to the believer by the grace of God.  As children of God, people become heirs of God the Father, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.


They facilitate a very powerful camp for married couples, called DIE BOTTER EN WORS KAMP VIR GETROU(D)ES and FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE.


  • Motivational Speaker
  • Preacher with a dynamic teaching ministry
  • Individual Facilitation (Counselling and Coaching)
  • Group Facilitation (Camps, Conferences, Courses, Seminars, Workshops)


Feel free to contact her for more information, by using the Contact Us page.


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